About Us

Our Uncompromising Safety Policy was established by our highly professional safety officers with over 18 year of experience.

We have managed safety issues in multiple large projects with great success, including factories and companies with a work environment that include high risk potential.

We provide professional solutions for any scenario including those with high risk potential.

Among the projects that we were involved with:

  • Establishment of a large desalination in Palmachim
  • Consultant to Netivei Ayalon for various bridge and tunnel construction projects
  • Consultant and safety manager at GILBANE, an American company in the field of construction that builds projects in IDF camps on behalf of the American Corps of Engineers
  • Senior consultant to Noble Energy in the expansion of a natural gas storage plant in Ashdod
  • Safety consultant for the AFA factory in Ashdod
  • Consultant to SLA Ltd.
  • Consultant for “Hemo and Montia” partnership in the renovation of the dock bridge at the Rothenberg Power Station in Ashkelon